What do you think is the best technique for ear training. im trying to learn. i can figure some easy stuff out. i listen to songs i know so i can get what the chord, note, etc sounds like, so i can put that into other songs i dont know.

What do/did you do
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i'm wondering the same thing...

sometimes i try playing my guitar in the dark and trying to figure out what note i'm playing by ear...
but most of the time it's too easy cuz i can still basically guess just by where it feels like my hand is on the neck...
I struggle at the mo to train my ear but.........

What the other guy sed and ino it sounds stupid but playing in the dark is a gud technique to play a guitar. You just get a better feel of where u r hands should go.

It may help if u tell some1 play a chord and obviously without looking, try a get what the chord is. Is it a minor a 7th etc.
This site helps for me ----------> http://www.musictheory.net/

It plays notes in the chord singlely in dimin. major 7, minor and etc. Or u change the setting just to play the whole chord.

I think u just go on ear training and it comes up.

Hope this helps!!