Nothing wrong in my life now,
Who says I'm wrong,
Everything is right yet how,
Wherever and I'll try,
The drugs help for now,
I'm the bottom of it all,
Yet I'll make to you this vow,

Everything is perfect now,
Don't care why or how,
Just that everything...
Is perfect now.

All the sounds never to see,
Wish I knew to stay,
Always here never will I be,
A place in the sun do I need,
For the warmth all round me,
My heart knows the truth,
Gather round and you will see


No no I'll never come down,
All the blues have moved away,
Can't think straightly profound,
Don't know what I'm saying,
Or who the hell's around,
Tell me what's going on,
And what there is abound.


So the diction is a bit rough in a few places, and I'm very ambivalent about the chorus... thoughts on everything about it?
Please don't confront me with my failures. I had not forgotten them.