have you had sex?
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It's sad how the love drug is corrupted with so much bullshit
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have you had sex?

Is that a cheap shot at apple computers? If it is that's not funny. If it was just a random comment hahahahahaha
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v-card = virginity, dumbass.

macs dont have v-cards as far as i know.

...yeah they do. (I'm using an ATI Radeon X1600)

BTW OP, it is quite easy to see what kind of video card you're using. Go to "About This Mac" under the apple menu, then click "More Info" and scroll down to "Graphics/Displays"
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Mac computers needs a better name, I think MAC cosmetics everytime I see that.
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dis meanz yoo can make three p0nx albums!

One that sucks, one that doesn't suck, and one that nobody cares about!