Randomness before I embark on a night of sleepless adventures,

I was searching my mind and remembered a computer game I used to play in my youth and it prompted me to look on my dusty hard drive. After doing so I came across Starcraft. I played a few games and so many memories came back. Of course, this is online play. You have to have the factor of other mindless idiots cussing at your "stupidity" otherwise it's just not the same.

Anyone else play or played this?
Starcraft was so awesome. I spent so many hours of my life rocking it out on those unlimited resource maps or the Lost Temple. That game had such awesome macro and strategy. Zealot v ling, Hyrdo v Marine, it was so awesome. Imo, StarCraft was the best RTS ever made. I'm somewhat excited about the second one coming out, but it looks a lot like the original.
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I used to ive been wanting to get it again after I get my comp better since it would overheat and crash if I tried right now, great game though.
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There should be a WoS. World of Starcraft... Imagine...Flying to a many planets while you battle Hydralisks to raise the level of your Dark Templar!

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Oh wow, I remember endless nights spent in my nerdy 6th grade year playing starcraft with my friends, all the bounds, and Rp's... such fond memories. I don't have the internet @ home anymore, so I don't play.
Starcraft - the best thing to happen in seventh grade.
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