im going over to my freinds house tomorow to change his strings and im gonna bring my amp and guitar but theres some problems

1 my amp is to loud and his like ... 10 watts so will it sound **** if he plugs his guitar into my low end input jack (lol i think thats what the dude at my guitar said it was =p)

2 he dosnt know any full songs so should we just make **** up?

Turn you're amp down, get him to play a few powerchords and you can solo over it.
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If your amp has 2 inputs, Hi and Lo, they are for pickup sensitivities, not bass or guitar =/.
I've plugged two guitars into my amp (Hi and Lo inputs), and it worked out fine for me. If both guitars have similar pickups, you might have to balance the volume by using an OD or booster or something for the guitar that's plugged into the "Hi" output, or turning down the volume control on the guitar that's plugged into "Low".
you can do this, depnding on the amp, some may only allow one input to work. if your friend can not play songs, show him some or do as ap said, get him to play rhythm for you.