as you all know, christmas is just round the corner and im planning early for presents, (all two months early).

I play mainly metal, metallica, iron maiden, megadeth, machinehead, etc..etc..etc

i'l start off, i'v just got my ashdown fallen angel, and im looking for a boost of gain at lower volumes, and a tighten up at higher volumes, so the obvious would be a tubescreamer, but i'v narrowd it down to the BBE Greanscreamer. are there any better options (for the price)?

im also get a soldering iron for christmas, and im building a LPB to boost my pedals performance.

so my bridge pickup cuts out occasionally, so im taking this as a chance to get new pick-ups, and in support of the company, and the great reviews, and the price! (and also the %15 discount).
im going for some irongear pick-ups ( www.irongear.co.uk ), im looking for a high output bridge pick-up, for metallica tones, and i think im going for the steamhammer.
for the neck pick-up, im a total noob to pickups and wondered if a medium output would boost my cleans?
so if this is correct il go for either the alchemist P90 in humbucker form (the new version), or the rolling mill.
any suggestions for this?

im looking at getting a cheap eg pedal to mess around with, and saw the danelectro fish n chips, suggestions?

iv seen the morley power wah, reasonably cheap, is it a decent wah for the price?
im not expecting anything fantastic but just for the money.

also are there any good octave effects under £50?

so upto now,

Overdrive - BBE Greanscreamer
Booster - LPB (homebuilt)
Bridge Pick-up - Steamhammer OR Hot slag (Irongear pick-ups)
Neck Pick-up - Rolling Mill OR Alchemist P90 (Irongear pick-ups)
EQ - Danelectro Fish n chips
Wah - Morley Power Wah
Octave - ?

Thanks if you read it all and thank you for all suggestions.
I look forward to an expensive chrstmas
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I've heard some good things about the Fish 'n Chips, but I have a Behringer EQ700 and it's very good too.
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Bridge Pick-up - Steamhammer OR Hot slag (Irongear pick-ups)
Neck Pick-up - Rolling Mill OR Alchemist P90 (Irongear pick-ups)

The Hot Slag bridge / Rolling Mill neck is a great combination.

I've got a guitar fitted with the same and that's the way I'm leaving it.

Highly recommended!