Is it possible to remove pick scratchs from the surface of my guitar???
what kinda finish?

possibly buff it out?
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Well what kind of guitar is it? Is it on the pickguard or is it body blems?
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well i used to have a bad strumming technique and sum scratches went further than teh pick guard which is annoying now....

my guitar is an
IBanez AW10ECE
They add character. Anything you try to do will just do more damage, in my opinion. If anything, go buy some guitar polish made specifically for acoustic guitars and give it a whirl. But hoenstly, I wouldn't worry about it.

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maybe i am being too careful.... i just love my guitar soo much i dont like it when its hurt hehe
my guitar, i was tapping to body while playing this one song and didnt even think that my fingernails would leave an imprint =(
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i remember when i first picked up my guitar. I sturmmed and i hit more of the pickguard then the strings each time.