Is it better to buy a new guitar or a new amp to get a better sound quality?
amp=90% of your tone
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If you have a low end guitar right now, i'd say get a new guitar. Not necessarily because of sound, but because playing a nicer guitar is a lot easier because of the action on them. This makes almost everything easier: regular fretting, hammer/pulls, tapping, bending, vibrato, etc. Ever since I upgraded guitars, I've learned a lot faster. Doesn't necessarily mean you are a better guitarist, but you sound a lot better and play a lot easier.

If you already have a nice guitar with good action, I'd probably go with a new amp.
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amp=90% of your tone

maybe, but dont expect to sound awesome if you guitar is crap and you just got a brand new amp

it depends on your gear
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What guitar do you currently have?
What amp do you currently have?

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you can't base it on percentages but i wouldnt say it's any more than 60, bear in mind that your actual playing is a huge part

if it were 90% then you'd have to allocate less than 1% to these

Tuner type, bridge type, wood type, wood quality, neck joint, neck type, neck construction, headstock shape/size, number of screws used, type of screws used, wires used, pots used, pups used, paint used, coating used, string gauge, string material, plectrum material, plectrum size/thickness, nut, fretboard, inlays

get my drift? amp is a big part, guitar is a big part, playing is a big part

amp has a bigger effect than the guitar, but we can't split that into %, not to forget that a guitar you are ore comfortable with may boost your motivation and therefore ability, which is more valuable than the tone you have.

if you are still at the beginner stage a tube amp may make you sound worse as they are more sensitive to dynamics and such. provided you can play to some degree it should make a big difference.

end rant
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maybe, but dont expect to sound awesome if you guitar is crap and you just got a brand new amp

Crap guitars usually just refer to it being set up poorly.

****ty pickups will sound good through a sexy amp .
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to answer your question directly, the bottleneck of a bad amp is much more evident than that of a bad guitar. which means if you're playing awesome stuff through a bad amp, it will generally sound worse than if you're playing a bad guitar through awesome stuff.

and practice more.
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