I have a squier bullet guitar which sucks but it is my first and I have a amp by danville( which also sucks but once again was my fist) well it is a small practice amp but i hate the sound that they make together. I had my eye on an amp but I was wondering if I should get an amp first or another guitar.
Amp first, because most of your tone comes from that and not the guitar. If you get a new guitar, you'll still be stuck with a bad sound that you don't like. How much do you have to spend and what kind of music do you play?
If u cant use ur guitar w/out alot of problems, then u want to get a new guitar. otherwise, get a new amp. Id get an Epi Valve jr. Please do not get a Marshall MG series, a Line 6 spider amp, or anoter aweful solid-state amp.
Why not those kind of amps like line 6 and I am not sure how much either of them cost cause they were both presents
The MGs and Line 6 Spiders are awful sounding amps. There are worse, but there are also many, many, many that are a lot better-sounding.
Do yourself a favor on your next amp upgrade: tube combo. Keep what you have now and learn some more about tone, go play some tube combos occasionally so you can hear the difference. There is no point going from one solid state practice amp to another. Not saying there aren't better solid states, case in point Peavey Transtubes and Roland Cubes, but if I were you I might just skip that stage.
The best tube combo for $200 is the Crate Palomino. Go to Musician's Friend and search Palomino. Its surprisingly loud for 5 watts and has master volume and a 10" speaker. You will need a distortion pedal so that all fits in your budget. See if you can go to a music store and play it first, but I think you will like it. Its not loud enough to get over a hard hitting drummer, but loud enough you may not want to dime it at home. Plenty of volume for a jam session with another guitar.
I would say go with the vox ad30vt amp.. It has a nice tone and it is tube driven like everyone else is telling you to get.. It will run you like 249.00..