Quick question here,
which kind of Wah is better.
The Morley kind, where it turns on the second you move it,
or the Dunlop kind where there is a switch you have to press
I have a Dunlop with the Q knob right now and I think I made the wrong choice.
hm well i think you did.... nah well mod it
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id say the Morley switch kind. Sometimes its pretty hard to get the switch on a wah to turn on when u need it to. If u want a really good wah, try to get a Fulltone wah or an RMC Picture wah. Thopse are pretty expensive tho. maybe get a Snarling Dogs wah, those seem to have alot of features packed in em.
Modded dunlop ftw. look in my profile
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I like Morleys because of the optical pots. I got tired of scratchy, noisey pots wearing out.