hello people!
i kinda new to this web site!
ive been playing guitar for a while, and ive always wonderd what those recording pedal things are called? do you know what i mean? kt tunstal uses one in Black Horse And The Cherry Tree? do you know what they are called, where i can get one, or roughly how much they are? thank you good people!
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you mean somthing like a delay pedal?where it keeps on playing back a certain sound
loop pedals
boss makes some pretty good ones... the RC series.
they go from $100 for the lowest, and then only up from there.
i've got the double pedal one, and though i don't use it much, its pretty sweet, has a lot of options, and sounds pretty damn good. that ones about $250 (RC-20XL is the model)
other companies make ones obviously, but most are more complex and much more expensive.
Yeah I think you're talking about a Loop pedal. I don't have any experience with them.
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boss rc-2 is what you want. unless you have more money for the better models, but this is the simplest model and still great
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Boss DD-20 will do the trick too, and is arguably a better choice if you just want to overlay guitar parts.
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I was looking for a jam man, I found out that the digitech gnx 3 has one built into it. I bought one on Ebay for $175 usually a jam man or boss rc with dual pedals cost $200 or more used. I got all the effects and the recording capabilites and more for less money that any looper I could find. You should check one of these out.
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