i just bought a g-400 deluxe. what do you think about them. how close to an actual sg is it, what should i add to it to make it better, also ive noticed that that its reaaly heavy when i put it on the neck dips straight down to the floor, is there any way to fix that. thank you for any help

My first guitar was a G400 and I gave it away after like 9 months.


Get a good strap or move the strap button the horn a la Tony Iommi.

I didn't like the pickups and the electronics seemed pretty useless.

There are better guitars in the price range, but it's not really a *bad* guitar.
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I have an SG-400, after a few days I got used to the heavy neck, but still have to buy a better strap cause it solves the problem pretty much. really like it tough. as said, you'll get used to the neck after a while, after that, it's a great guitar. at first I also had some problems with the frets, but after I put some fastfret on it, they were nice and smooth..
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I played a G400 today. Nice player, didn't care much for the INCREDIBLE neck dive though. Good for the price, neck dive is an issue though unless you can get a hold of a good strap. I recommend a quality Suede one.
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I use a G-400, thought it did neck dive at first, I have a great strap now that doesn't let it swing around.

I changed the pickups, electronics, and tuners...did a bit of sanding work, and I think it sustains like a beast now. Definitely beats any Gibson SG Faded I've played.

What was the deal with the original electronics?
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The original electronics just aren't the greatest quality. But after a pickup change this thing is a beast. The only problem with epiphone guitars in general is you have to pick a good one out at the store but if you do then imo its worth it.
^^The switch was crappy. Plus, I wired in some push/pull pots, so I had to replace the original. Also, I changed the way the circuit was grounded and added shielding for quieter performance, so I changed the other remaining pots, too. I also used small ones, so I had more room in the cavity for whatever I wanted to put there in the future.
Ive got the Deluxe as well. Great guitar, just get a leather strap and your sorted. Maybe pup change as well but i havent yet and it sounds pritty good.

I got the deluxe for the finish, one of the best looking SG's their is. Gibson and Epiphone
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Yeah I have one, not a deluxe though. I love mine, the neck dive was an issue for me for the first month or so. But I've had it for about a year now and I'm completly used to it, dosen't irritate me a bit.

And yeah forsaknazrael the switch is a bit dodgy, shame I know bugger all about electronics