Some of you might have seen my topic about my numb finger. I brought it up with my guitar teacher yesterday.He said that he hasn't experienced that before, but he also said that he he has had numbness from the palm of his hand to his lower forearm, which was due to tendonitis. My numbness has gotten somewhat better, but I still have some questions. He said he practiced a lot as a teenager and a young adult and didn't have problems until his early thirties. So, my question is, how much practice is "too much"? I practice normally around 2-4 hours a day, which although isn't much compared to some peoplle here is still quite a lot. I don't think I have any technique problems (I'm talking about my left hand btw), and he didn't either. Now he's had to make adjustments (ie using multiple fingers to bend) to prevent further damage, and he can't practice like he used to anymore. So what can be done to avoid this?
I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think proper stretching exercises would help out. Make sure your hand is really stretched out before you try and do anything hard. You can look up articles on the web on warmup stretching exercises, and most likely someone has written one here on UG as well.
yeah, i heard about that, but i never took it seriously. i will now though. i'm avoiding using that finger as much as possible, as typing that post made it worse.
yeah. stretch, and make sure you take the time to properly warm up. also, even though you said that your technique is fine, make sure you're not too tense, and when you're practicing just take it easy. Don't do anything that really hurts, and try spacing out your exercises. Start slow, then when you're warmed up, move on to more strenuous things, then take a break and go back to something easy and not very stressful for your hands.
in addition to proper warm up. mix things up too - if you practice the same exercises at top speed for hours in a row your are stressing the same tendons, ligaments, and stuff. so vary your practice routine so that your body can recuperate.
yeah definitely. the only pain i've experienced from playing is just from fretting when i started out. I've been working on a lick for the past week or so that has sime fast h/o's, so that could be why. thanks for the replies so far. this is definitely an issue that all guitarists need to know about and how to avoid.
Warm ups can help, playing some scale forms and stuff slowly first may help warm your fingers up. It might also be your guitar, if you have high action, try lowering it, maybe using thinner gauge strings, make sure you are bending using the correct fingers, and your left arm is in a comfortable position. This is probably something you will outgrow as you keep playing however. I managed to avoid getting a tired exhausted left hand when starting out as i mostly played songs with power chords and such, which involve very little left hand movement. Now i can play lots of solos and improvise quick licks for ages without my hand getting at all exhausted. I spose just warm up and take breaks maybe.
yeah my teacher was talking about this to me earlier. he said that it's important not to tense up your arms too much and not to strain any muscles. that's all i got.
Using the muscles in your arms/fingers more than they're trained for will cause pain. Intense pain. That's why they say practice SLOW.
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dude i had that problem a while ago...except i would get pain in my hands, and like my left one would just stop working for a second...crazy stuff...but thats when i was practicing hardcore all day long non stop...acually i still do that...ahha...i get pains in my fingers occasonally...just take a break, relax your hands for a few minutes, and just back in...when it hurts again...just chill a little while, and then repeat...
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