I really need to leanr this son, btu its too complicated for me to figure out and theres no tabs anywhere! i wohld really appreciate any help tat can be given!
Hey there fellow Devy fan. Its nice to see someone else appreciates the most underrated gift God gave us for a musician. I am looking for the "Wrong Side" tab too, and I haven't found it. BUT......If you go to YouTube.com and search for "Devin Townsend Gear Demo part 1", he plays the solo in its entirety. He doesn't play it slow, mind you..........but its worth rewinding 6879768989 times to see where the fingerings are at. Also, if you have "Ziltoid the Omniscient", his newest disc.......I know that same gear demo is a bonus on the cd. I am not sure if it is only on the digipak......I don't have the cd. I downloaded it. Good luck.........and lemme know if you find it!

I tabbed their whole discography a while back on guitar pro Just for fun.

Deleted them though. Like 3/4 of the tabs I make.

I could probably re-tab it.