Hi , as its coming up to christmas, ill be getting a new guitar, ive been playing for two years now and i recently changed teacher and now am doing my grades!, so anyways, im still playing a crappy encore strat so i need a new oaxe, id love a gibson bet ive got a budget of about £250 so is there any really good gibson-like axes out there for that kind of money???

ps, im open to any other suggestions

thanks a million!

you should try a epiphone...i got on it aint THAT bad itll work...check out there les paul models
no dont try an epi
go on ebay and look at orvilles (gibsons made in japan) grecos, burnys and edwards all quality les paul copies which in some ways are better
look for ones with long tenon necks as these increase sustain and nowadays only 3k gibson historics have them
brilliant guitars in your price range
yeah, that sounds like a good idea cos id rather have a more unknown brand, but can you get those in the shops cos id like to try them before i buy anything
Go to www.rondomusic.net

I've purchased two guitars and one bass from them, they're all quality instruments and I never spent more than $200 (American) on them. I have been infinitely satisfied and receieved tons of compliments on my guitars, I highly recommend them
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look at tokais aswell

The Tokai LP's aren't made of mahogany though - the Edwards and Epiphone ones are though, so the Tokai's probably won't sound as good. Generally Tokais are known for their excellent Strat copies.
I say epi.
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