Does drop d tuning your E string affect the tuning of the other strings? A friend of mine said that since are releasing some tension you affect the other strings.

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not very much. maybe a little. maybe if you were playing a gig and you wanted it to be absolutely perfect it would be something to worry about.
no, but while your tuning the string, you might as well tune up the other strings to what they're meant to be anyway.... but tuning down one shouldn't affect the others as far as i know...
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It is definately noticable if you have a whammy bar so you could tighten that down a bit if you need to. I shouldnt be too much of a problem.
never heard of that, maybe he means while your de-tuning it will de-tune the others, but it wont de-tune any fster than if you were in standard E tuning
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releasing tension in E releases tension in the neck, which loosens your other strings. so yea, drop D-ing affects all your strings.

especially dropping to something daft like A
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If you have a floating bridge, then it affects the other strings, on stop-tails...well, if it does, it's by a minute amount.
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With floating trem it will.

It doesnt take much to readjust the other strings. Its not too noticable.
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In my experience, (yeah, me, experience?,) the tuning of one string definitely affects the others. I have a very cheap strat ripoff (Washburn Lyon.) It probably has something to do with how low-quality it is, the type of bridge it has, (or, more likely, how low-quality the bridge is,) or both.