Hey, about a month ago i changed the gauge of strings on my SG from the 10's they came with to 9's, i know you should set up for every gauge you move to, but will such a small change make a difference

It has been fine for the month or so that ive been using the 9's just making sure its not going to go terribly wrong
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Honestly, very small adjustment is required. The only time a professional setup is necessary is if you change gauge on a guitar with a trem.
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nah don't worry about it, a change that small won't screw anything up.
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if that action feels a little high, it's pretty simple to low it. but no, like said, you should be fine.

u might want to check ur intonation tho...

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the intonations alright, and the action felt better then before so thats fine, thanks guys just needed to know that in wasnt screwing up my new baby
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