I'm 15, and in a four piece rock/metal type band with 3 of my best friends, we're all pretty much the same age.

At first, when we worked on a few covers, it was pretty fun, although the rest of the band lack in focus so practice only lasted 30-45 mins tops.

Then I realised that my band mates have no knowledge of theory whatever, which clashes with my type of music, but I could live with that.

Then we play our first gig, we get a good reception and we get a good buzz. But I realise my singer thinks he is better than he is (his voice hasnt broken, he cant reach low notes and he cant reach anywhere near high notes). I also realise the rest of the band are more about the gimmick of being in a band than the music ("We should start recording", even though we have nothing written, and also, asking people to take 30 billion crappy-ass pictures of us onstage ).

Then we get writing. On our first writing session, I show them this progession Ive thought of, of course, it takes them forever to understand me ("Ok, so it's E5add9"..."What the **** is "5add9"...."Ok, its an E powerchord with "this" note added"...... "where the **** is e?"). I also realise they contributed very little to the song, and also, they can't play in odd time signatures (which isnt the thing you want to hear when you have an avatar like mines ).

Also, they are all very sloppy (except the drummer and myself).

What should I do? I'm not sure if I want to quit, because its fun hanging out together (I only get to see most of them when we practice because I live a while away from there)......

Also, I dont want to seem like Mr. Ego, because I myself have my flaws, Im just looking some advice, thanks
Well it sounds like you are miles ahead of them. For the sake of your development I'd find some other guys with a similar ability to you.

Don't stop jamming with your mates though, I agree, it's a right laugh.
wow, atta way to get off topic so quickly, bishk. i don't think you ever were on topic. that's ADD for you. lol. jk

anyway, i would suggest to them to be serious, or to think about where they see themselves in this band. and why do you have a prepubescent singer? that seems a little dumb to me. i would find another band to go with if you can, and keep this as a jam/hangout group.
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I'm in a similar situation where i'm starting to develop more as a musician and take an interest in theory and different styles whereas my friends either aren't very talented (not saying im great either) or they only want to play the blues (which i love). I don't want to be limited by the music genre or the fact that no one else wants to take time to write the song they just want to jam and it ends up being the same things over and over.

I don't have any advice sorry, just hang in there. If you get a chance with people nearer your capabilities take it...i would.
Try writing something easier?

Don't tell them what chord it is and just tell them how to play it , this way they won't get confused over names.

I dunno , this is an awkward situation you got yourself in.
I would suggest you to try and offer your help without being Mr. Ego, like you said. These guys sound like they have short attention span, you maybe you'll have to subliminally stuff in these "lessons" piece by piece. But if I were you, I'd just tough it out. If they're your friends, then playing "for the music" should come after playing for fun.
It's so damn awesome to see a 15 year old into Dream Theater And in a band . Dude, i'm having exactly the same problems as you (I'm 17 by the way). I've got a Symphonic Metal project (Imagine DT + Symphony X - the power metal = my band) , and I've written a whole album of material, but I can't find anyone who remains committed to the project for more than a week. I'm an experienced guitarist and songwriter and the other guitarist in my band (who does most of the duties) is so talented, hes only 14 but as hes going he is going to be the next John Petrucci (he can play the Under A Glass Moon solo note for note). It's so depressing when you can't get your material together, especially as prog musician who wants to bring REAL music to the masses instead of untalented rubbish like that we see on the TV everyday. The only advice I can really offer is to work on your skills loads, and prove what a commited musician you are to someone else who is also a committed musician. Then hopefully you can get the same kind of say you want in your own project (hopefully).

We're in the same position though. I think that people think I have a big ego as well just because I refuse to follow cliches of modern music, like always using simple song structure and simple time signatures, but I only avoid that because that is what I want to do. I want my music to be progressive by nature, not just by name. Anyway, I wish you good luck. Just never give up, I certainly won't. And remember to stay true to the music! Unless you want commercial success. In which case you won't be able to do prog unless you're superhuman or something and you can turn close-minded clones into awesome progheads. (Excuse my constant ranting about peoples musical tastes and the gradual decay of the music industry).
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[quote="i would find another band to go with if you can, and keep this as a jam/hangout group.[/QUOTE"]

I agree with this dude, TS. If they're close mates of yours, it sounds like it'd be fun to jam with them when you can, but it'd be worth finding some other people with a similiar level of knowledge and ability to you, because playing with them will help you develop faster than with these other guys, and it always helps if your bandmates understand what you're talking about.

If you pick up some better musicians to play your prog rock stuff with, why not consider adopting a simpler style to play with your mates? Something light hearted and fun, that you can have a laugh with.