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I have just bought an Ibanez S470DXQM ...and I am now looking for an amp to replace my Frontman 15B Bass amp (for the love of god, don't ask). I have about £180 (Which I realize isn't a lot but it's all I have ) although I can go up and down a little bit. I will be playing lots of Metallica, Pantera etc, also some classic rock like Led Zeppelin and small bits of Red Hot Chili Peppers and also possibly Hendrix. I want something that sounds good when I practise or jam, and that would be good for small gigs (About 100 people). I have gathered a list of possible amps;

Vox AD50VT £168
Marshall MG50DFX/MG100DFX £155/£180 (I'm told these are crap but hey...)
Line6 Spider III 75 £179 (I'm told these sound digital but, again, hey...)
Hughes & Kettner 60DFX £212.90 (I'm told these are overpriced for what they are but, yet again, hey...)
Crate GTX212 £149
Roland Cube 60 £148.99
VOX AD30VT-XL £169.36 (Ouch)

Please tell me which one you would go for, why and why you wouldn't go for the others.
Also any other recommendations and suggestions you might have will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much,
out of them id go with with the H&K or the VOX AD50VT
just because i love the distortion on the H&K, can handle the high gain stuff well
but the VOX is alot more versitile
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Well honestly if I were you I'd go for a valve amp (of which none of them are) such as the Laney LC15 which is about £160, or if you can push it a bit further, the Laney LC15r (around £180).

They'll ultimately sound better than any of those amps, but they won't be as versatile. If you're to go for one of the above you'll need to buy pedals to get all the sounds you want.

Out of ones you mentioned I'd personally go for any of the Vox Valvetronix series.

But if I was in your shoes I'd get a Laney LC15r and save for pedals later on.

So really it's a case of whether you want good tone, or versatility
Vox AD50VT!! I bought the 30Watt the other day, best amp ever, if your playing pantera and stuff the Crate amp would be good but with playing RHCP and Pantera the Vox will give you a great range of tone and it has a thing that models amps so i'd def go with the Vox!! but it's a matter of taste so try em out. i've already convinced some friends to get one!!

Yours sincerely

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The Vox AD50 or the Roland Cube 60 are your best choices. The Cube is generally regarded as better for modern metal, while the Vox is better at everything else. The XL series is the new high gain Valvetronix, which seem a little pricey to me. For small gigs with a SS/hybrid amp, I'd think you want at least 50W.

Steer clear of the MG and Spider.

You might also give some consideration to the Laney LC 15 all valve combo. That's what I'd be looking at with your budget. 15W of valve power is plenty for small gigs, too. The overall tone will be better than any of the amps you're looking at. Maybe boost it with a Bad Monkey OD pedal. You'd be set.
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