I'm thinking of upgrading my cheap stock pups on my guitar. It's an Ibanez GAX75 with double humbuckers, and since it's just a low-level guitar (as everyone I hear keeps saying ), I don't want to spend too much upgrading it with new pickups.

I checked out the guitarfetish (GFS) website, and looked at the humbuckers, but there's just so many to choose from that I can't tell which would be the best for me. I'd like some pups that are well-rounded for hard rock and some metal. I'd like this guitar to sound good for modern music so I'd like it to handle distortion well.

Also, I don't know what P90 pickups are....are they single coils? will they work on this guitar?
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personally, i would go with a crunchy paf. It would be hot enough for modern music and not too hot that it would over power classic rock sounds.
btw, a p-90 is a single coil, but a little hotter and more lower end than regular single coils.
I think the crunchy paf's would be good and well rounded. My power rails are really good for distortion tho, but could be a little bit too hot for classic rock which is why I have the Fat paf to balance it out in the middle position.
thanks for the suggestions.
I had a feeling the crunchy pafs would be a good choice. those were the ones I was considering the most. I might get those ones, unless there are any more suggestions/opinions.

Also, I kinda changed my mind, and think I'd rather use this guitar for mainly hard rock and metal. Would the power rails be best for that?
And lastly, how should I make up my mind about which pickups should be used for the neck or bridge? Are hotter pups better for the bridge?
im thinking about getting the power rails cause im poor and them seem good.
i play heavy metal and death metal.

you defintinaly need a higher gain pickup for the bridge if your planning on using the guitar for metal.

but it also depends on what kind of metal your playing.
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