Which one should I get? I've found both pedals for the same price so money makes no difference. I have an Ibanez GAX70 and I play mostly Metallica and Megadeth but will occasionally play some ACDC or Jimi Hendrix. If anyone has suggestions for an amp around $200 that would also be great.
Well, I've only had experience with the metal zone(I own it.) What I can tell you is that the digitech is probably better. Granted, the metal zone kept me more than satisfied at bedroom practice levels, it gets horribly grainy and incoherent when you want to play loud. Some also say that the tones are not very variable. I got mine for about 40 bucks so I couldn't say no to it and it seemed like the only pedal capable of getting my stratocaster to sound metally. Go test them out to see which tone satisfies you better though. Just keep in mind that high volume on the metal zone=****.
I play a Digitech Metal Master. As long as you set your amp pretty well with it, it's godly. I'll never use anything else. As well, it has a setting to rip off the BOSS Metal Zone anyway. The tone on the Metal Master is just beautiful with how I've set it, keeping my low tunings clear. GET IT.
how about you add that $90 to your $200 amp fund instead? both sound like absolute crap. save so you can get a good amp.
The Metal Master is a nice pedal, better than a lot of other Digitech pedals but I hope to replace mine with a Solid Metal.