I'm having a lot of problems setting up my s470.
You see when I have my action too high the spring from the tremolo catches on to part
of the body (under the back plate), this won't allow me to do anything with my awesome tremolo. And because of this i'm gonna have to put my action real low so that it wont catch on, problem is this leads to LOTS of buzz (on pretty much all the strings). Does anybody know what i should do? Should i contact some kind of helpdesk, and would that be a problem as i live in the UK?
get it set up at the shop.
it should have come set up anyways. if it wasn't send it back.
did it have the stickers on the back saying its passed quality checks etc?
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You can, if I'm visualizing this right, just use some pliers to bent the offending part of the spring out of the way.