Ok, I own a B.C. Rich Warlock (Bronze Series), and I just replaced the pickups with 81/85 EMGS. It says specifically in the manual to get the strings very close to the pickups, but the 'pickup holders' aren't high enough. Whenever I lower the bridge, the strings are pulled too close to the neck, because it is uneven. Does anyone know if they just sell 'pickup holders', because I need something to raise the pickups up closer to the strings (I mean, I can literally stick my finger between the pickups and strings). Since the strings aren't pulled close to the pickups, I get a mellow sound, help please? I can post pictures if necessary, let me know, and thanks for any help I can get.
Are you sure? It seems like my stock B.C. Rich pickups had more of a grind sound than these EMGS do. I'm running it through a Marshall AVT 50W.
Yes, brand new battery, its like I'm almost not getting the heavy sound that I want, maybe I need to invest in a metal zone pedal. So you're saying if I move the pickups closer to the strings it really won't matter?
Well sadly, your problem isnt a cheap one to fix. A pedal will not fix the problems you have. First of all, you should be wanting to get a nice amp because with the amp you have, you wont be able to tell the difference in pickups much. Maybe if you have enough money you could get a small tube amp with an overdrive or something, unless you need absolute death metal gain.
you need a new amp really. but if you run a metal muff through the clean channel of the marshall it shouldnt be god awful
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