i haven't written anything half decent in a very long time, i just wrote this i think its the best thing i've written since then.
opinions and crits strongly encouraged.


i lock myself in a world of music and emotion
full of negative energy and power hungry posers
and we call it an escape
we call it our escape

we surround ourselves with censored opinions
full of unwanted things and broken dreams
and we call it an exit
we call it our escape

turn away
turn away from the darkness trapping you
break away
from this leech of "social networking"
open the door, take a breath.
theres so much more to see.
so much more to see.

we get lost in what doesn't exist in reality
losing trust and respect just to make up numbers
and we call it popularity
we call it an escape

we'll listen to all those who offer their art
those posers, those advocates of conformity
they call it a business
i call it a joke
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