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my mom changed my password to get on A.O.L. which means I cant get my mail. Or its a Hacker. I just got through, and for some reason I typed in my password and saved it and it let me get on, but my friend told me he sent me an E-Mail, and I Dont have it, so Its GONE and IM A PISSED OF TEENAGER which is not good. So was it the hacker or my mom or mabey the HACKER WAS MY MOM But what do you guys think....
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If you're talking about the AOL AIM, do this:
Open a new account and add your old account.
If the hacker connects from your account, try to be polite and don't curse or anything.

My MSN account once got hacked, and I got it back that way. I befriended with the h4x0r and he gave it back

But well. You deserve it anyway for using AOL :

in b4 reported

Seriously though, what purpose does this thread serve humanity?
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Where's the 'Nobody cares' option?
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pissed of teenager?
im kinda pissed of teenagers too.

Yeah. Teenagers suck.