well, i like everything, except the vocals dont sound too good might just be the recording.... sounds very ramones-ish to me.... but the vocals are just too.... young sounding, i guess.... he might be a good singer when hes older, but not now
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dude thats kick ass for being on 12!!! im impressed!
keep it up!

EDIT: and yes i agree with the above poster about the vocals. too childish lol
thanks for that
i dont think joes bad hes an amazing live hes fine on the recordings there i think aswell
hes only just turned 12
but howay hes fine man
really good for ur age
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rea;;y good for the age! I am actually amazed.
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YOU KILLED BLITKREIG BOP!!!! YOU RUINED IT! come on I am 13 and we did rockaway beach for open mic we were goning to do that and are singer isn't amazing but we didn't slaughter it like you did YOU KILLED BLITKREIG BOP!!!!