So few weeks ago, I receive as a present the game World of Warcraft... So I wanted to see if it's fun or not and all, and now it's almost an addiction :P

...So I was just wondering if any of you guys play that game, and if you do, what servers ?
Way to jump on the bandwagon like a year and a half too late.
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I never caught the addiction. I love RPG's and such, but I just never caught the bug... maybe it was the fact that after I bought it I had to keep paying the people to let me play.
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Way to jump on the bandwagon like a year and a half too late.

you'd be surprised.

It's pretty fun, end game gets kind of boring after a while though.
WoW killed my friends and now you. How long till you're completely dead on the inside?
I've played it since the beginning... of the world... of Warcraft.

Although I've quit around 3 months ago
It got to expensive.
Oh my god...this game is takin over the world. Honestly, I'm terrified tyo play it in fear of gettin hooked. I've gotten of my addictions. I don't need another one to fight...
Since its about 15$ a month, Im not planning to play it for more than 5-6 months... And I know my priorities Real life first.
^^thats how i was with runescape before WoW came out, i just realized there was no point and was wasting my time

WoW took over my friends 3 years ago, and still has one of them to this day...
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im re-buying the game today... anyone wanna use a scroll on me to get a free month? or vice versa like u are starting soon and want to be nice and give me a free month?
In fact, I just got it today.

But I tried to install it and it said I don't have enough RAM
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Since its about 15$ a month, Im not planning to play it for more than 5-6 months... And I know my priorities Real life first.

I wish you good luck.
That was what I thought, untill I was addicted to the game and just got way to bored if I didn't play WoW for 1 week.
Seriously, the game really is addicting.
You can control yourself, or make your friends/parents/roommates control you :P
So i was browsing the Account Management section in Blizzard's website, and I saw a feature called parental control... Im lucky enough I dont have lots of free time on my hand, so the addiction shall never grow ! (Hopefully :/ )
I tried playing it once, and I don't see what the fuss is about. I think the game is stupid. I prefer a nice 1st person shooter, or a Grand Theft Auto game though.
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Oh did I mention, I am currently residing in Saudi Arabia for one year, my dad has a project here with some major engineering company. Okay, in Saudi Arabia, only families can go to beaches, cinemas are forbidden, being out with a girl who isnt your sister/cousin/relative can lead you to public corporal punishment... So the only things that is keeping me alive here, is the number of Americans who live here (also bandmates), Music, and WoW.

Everyone should feel sorry for me right now :P

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I agree with Tw1zzler

I got the game as i am a fan of all Blizzard games: Starcraft, Diablo as well as Warcraft.

and it just eats your life away. You spend all day sitting in front of a computer. I found myself not going out with my mates anymore. I would say i am coming over and then i would say to myself, "I will just play it a bit more". It will suck you totally.

and the thing about it is that its a total rip off.
The game is called World of Warcraft and you don't even get the whole world. You have to buy outland AND northrend. Then they make you pay monthly and all the units are the same but different coloured and then all the buildings are exactly the same.

They do **** all, (well they fix bugs, but thats about it).

So i will continue to play it but i don't get sucked in anymore because i eventually get bored of it and i definitely not buying the new expansion set.

World of cater for all users who's characters are level 70.

and the sad thing is that they have spent all this time collecting epic armour and weapons and when the expansion comes out they will have to do it all again.
The closest I got to WoW was Star Wars Galaxies(Imagine WoW set in the Star Wars Universe, my friend told me--he's very heavily into SWG and WoW). One of my friends bugged me until I got the 14 day trial(that, unlike the trial for WoW, doesn't need your credit card info. You just create an account and get started--I think it's a limited time offer though.).

I got really heavily into it for a couple days, then lost interest in it and stopped playing. They might be highly addictive, but I can't see myself paying 15 bucks a month playing a game though.
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i play it
was really addicted the first year and a half..
got off of it tho.. and now i barely have any free time because I started playing guitar
seriously tho, don't start with it, it'll eat you and you'll just become one of those mindless WoW-addicted freaks like i've been and most of my friends are still
i played it like a year ago and hated it. i hate all rpgs, but this one is the worst.
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I played it since open beta. Raided Mc, Bwl, all the other old school wow insantces. Molten core, zg etc exalted and many others. Got rank 11 on the old pvp system, full warlord set + weapon before bc came out in the new honor system. When bc came I got revered with all the factions needed to do heroics and farmed them for a bit. I was supposed to become MT of my guild but then I thought ''what the heck'' and threw the game away. Free since March 07
I swear I'm the only one whos normal. I'll only play it if I have free time, like any game. Aslong as it's not your priority of life it's great. If I have nothing to do I will play it all day with my bro while he's at uni, but neither of us will cancel going out because of it coz that's just really sad.
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I suggest to all of you, save your money for something better. Buy the orange box or counterstrike if you want a fun game. WoW is a money hole, a game where you fulfill a simple checklist for hours a day. Think about it this way,lets say you have a life, why pay monthly if you have a job and/or school, a social life and probably music considering the forum im on.