I have an American Standard alder body strat with rosewood fingerboard, american standard trem bridge, that I am putting back together. Using Marshall and ADA amps and pres.

I have been using humbuckers but I would like to build this back with single coils. I used to use Fender lace sensor red and blues.

I play heavier music but I have an EMG equipped Ibanez for that now. I wanted something clear but with enough bite to play leads and clear/chimey sounding clean parts. Thinking old David Gilmour type sounds. [can't afford his EMG set right now :-P]. Haven't kept up with single coil trends in ages. Any ideas?

Fender Custom Shop '69 set. i think that would be the closest you could get w/out his EMG pickguard. Maybe the Lace Sensor Gold set or a SCN set. Id get the Lace Golds for clearness and chimeyness, or the 69 set for the same reason.
Real EMG's or "designed by" emg's?

I've got the designed by's and I'm replacing them with DiMarzio's as soon as I have the cash.

PAF Pro in the neck and Evo 2 in the bridge. But that's for heavy distortion and sh!t.
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Great list Rutch. On re-reading this one I'd have to say Solid State means not liquid or gas.

I figured it out.
Id say going with some lace sensors and then a seymour duncan classic stack
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DiMarzio evos are the most kickin' pickups u can buy... im pretty sure they have em in single coils.... get em theyr awesome