Hey guys!
This is my cover of Starlight, an amazing song from Muse.
I played a lot with the sounds, they are not as the ones that Matt uses, but well, I tried to be original.
Hope you like it and would be great if you can leave a comment there.

Link -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SgiDjfUmho

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hey man this is a really good cover.
Your clean delayed sounds are really nice, although they're not the ones used for the song they really fit Bellamy's sound, an i spose it's better to add your own touch to it.
I hated your overdrive sound though, it sounded really muddy and toneless, might wanna work on that next time.
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Hey! Crit4crit?

Nice cover dude.. Muse is my top fav band and you did a good job NOT dishonouring them xD
A couple of comments: your guitar is too loud for the backing track, try to turn it down a little the next time. And another one, your overdrive is indeed too muddy, try to dial down that too next time apart from some timing flaws (especially in the outro :s) the rest sounded very good, especially the clean delayed and chorus sounds.. Delicious

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