I have a Windsor, and I get this weird tappy kinda buzz out of my cab when the texture knob is in any position but one. Its so weird, it goes away when the texture knob is in a certain position.

It doesn't affect the tone at all, but its annoying, anyone know what it is?
Lol.. I was reading about the Windsor and how good and cheap it is.
try cleaning the pots.

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

The position its in where the noise goes away is almost at full A/B power. If you go full it makes the noise, and if you go before that point, it makes the noise.
Mine buzzes a little with higher gain on the Class A setting. It does get a little annoying, but yours may be worse. Mine is inaudible when playing. Some Class A tube combos tend to have this problem so may be nothing you can do about it. It sounds like its just tube amp noise. Make sure you have good cables, grounded correctly. No florescent lights or monitors (tv, computer.) If its really loud take it to a tech. Good luck.