I want an electric , but i cant afford something too expensive. So what do you think?




my budget is max 300 on a guitar...and i need an amp + cables.

is this a decent amp http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Frontman-10G-10W-Guitar-Combo-Amp?sku=481602

? any feed back and suggestions would be really nice. Thanks
The Ibanez is the best of the two, and I wouldn't be ashamed to play it. The Switch has gotten good reports, but it is made of Vibracell (epoxy) and the neck is pretty fat.
If you can come up with $200 a Crate Palomino is a very good choice for amps, all tube 5 watt (surprisingly loud) combo with a 10" speaker and master volume. If you play metal you will need a distortion pedal, maybe another $60, and a cable for about $6. Picks are usually 4 for $1.00 or free.
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get a yamaha pacifica 112, it's best to get second hand at first until you can afford a new amp. The best amp you can get would be a Roland Cube 30

believe me
Yeah - I would go with a Pacifica 112V (the newer one) which costs £200.

Amps wise, go for one of the Roland Cubes. I use a 112V and a Roland Cube 30 and it sounds great!
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if u got $300 for a guitar, id get an Epi G-400. Or the Ibanez. As for the amp, a Roland Cue 30 or a Fender Superchamp XD, depending on how much u got.
I myself bought my frst guitar a week or two back. And if your really into stuff by AC/DC and all i would highly recommend getting a Epiphone G-400 SG. It is similar to the one Angus Young has and it sounds amazing for a first guitar. I got mine for 300$ Canadian and loving it so far

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I got the Ibanez guitar. Whenever I'm home i'm always playing it. its a good guitar. it looks good too
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Good to see you're not getting a package and getting a fixed bridge to start out with. I recommend playing one of them at a Guitar Center (b/c of the variety) and trying out amps there. I'd personally start with solid states (this one looks versatile and good, and you can play along too) or multi-effects pedals (I use a Zoom G2.1u...GC probably only have Line6's there), since they are reliable and you're only practicing. Tubes come with their own little quirks regarding maintenance...it's probably best to just get something you can rock with at any time.
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My first electric was a Washburn X-Series Guitar With a Metallic blue finish, a whammy bar,and 4 pick-ups, it came with the amp cord but i had to buy the amp seperatly i think i paid like 299 for the guitar and 30 bucks for the amp. The amp is a small sga 30 practice amp.
Tubes are great and it's still worth trying out a nice low watt amp whic the others have mentioned.

However some sort of modeling amp might be better for a starter. You'll get a decent understanding of effects and the models should give you some versatility, also it should be enough for practicing in your bedroom.

If you can save the money one of these Vox Valvetronix series modeling amps would be great to start off with I have the 30 watt version which also has a wattage knob. (it's worth saving for the 30 cause you can jam with others if you need volume, but still practice in your room.) The ad15vt should be fine though if your just gonna play and practice by yourself.

Also something like a Microcube or a Vox DA5 if you really don't have much money.


Also I would spend more on the amp, from what i've learned a good amplifier will do a lot for your sound. No point in running a great guitar through a not so great amp.
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Dean Vendetta XM. It's 120 bucks and its a halfway decent one, really nice for the money.
i'd take the ibanez.
i heard the tone is really nice..
not experienced, so i'm not that sure.
and if u look it up on youtube, there are couple of people playing it.
i forgot the link, but look it up..
hoep it helps