Just a ew simple questions as i might be buying the amp off the internet so wont be able to try it out first.

What styles can this amp do eg indie, pop, rock, shread?

I know thisis a daft question but can it do green day type distortion or does it not have enough mid range for that sort of music

if i was to buy the head what would eb the best set of speakers to go with it

are strats best used with the ac30 or can les pauls be used aswell

can it give a good crunchy distortion, not metal or hard rock but a nice crunchy overdrive or is it more light overdrive it gives

how well do they accept pedals

Thanks for any relys i know it's no hard questions but as i may be buying over the internet i can't try it out
couldn't you go and try it in a shop?
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from what i hear they take very well to pedals. if you're going to be looking for a real distorted punk sound, generally i would reccomend i different amp. can it do it? yes, but it wont sound quite the same. can it do rock? if you're looking for hard rock, i'd say no. if you're looking for lighter rock, absolutely; it'll handle it quite well. i'm not very familiar with the head/cab set up of these, only the tube combo style. and no need for a strat, they'll work great with pauls as well. in my opinion, the best guitar to match up with this amp is a PRS semihollow. of course not all of us (and im no exception) can run right out and get one of these.
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i could but im busy all the time and i don't know when i would be able to go up next i illtyr though i was just asking incase i couldnt fit in a time
my band doesnt do alot of punk well do green day ( not real punk i no ) ramones, the clash, sex pistols thats it one song from each and thats ll the punk songs we do in our set but i still need that punk type overdrive
The AC30 gives excellent crunch. It'll do the punk you're looking to do. I know the Clash used AC30's. It'll do your cleans, pop, indie, classic rock, and some hard rock all on it's own. Think some of the heavier Queen material as a reference. Brian May is all AC30.

The AC30 is know for having a serously heavy mid range. Many players get a treble booster for it. I just ordered a fancy one because I deserve it.

The BEST set of speakers would be a pair of Celestion Blues, but it'll go well with Greenbacks, or any lower rated vintage type speaker. I run mine thru Tone Tubbys... Damn, what a tone! A quality semi-open back cab would be best. I think you want to maintain that combo sound with the amp.

I play mine with a Fat Strat, and I love the single coil tones, but the humbucker shines thru just fine.

It's beed great with every pedal I've thrown in front of it (or in it's FX loop), but bear in mind that I'm picky about my pedals. All analog for me, heavy on EHX, and -of course- a Vox wah.
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