Hey iv been playing guitar for a while now and i want to get a better guitar then my yamaha pacifica 112. Iv been looking at the epiphone les paul standard, is that good if not whats a good brand or type. I play rock a bit of classic rock and a bit of metal. thanks. (btw my budget is 0-300 ish pounds)
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in your price range yes, that would be a good guitar to purchase. you'll probably find it a bit more versatile then metal guitars in that range as well.
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The Epiphone LP standard should suit all those styles perfectly, but maybe consider a humbucker-equipped strat-style guitar (Fender, Schecter, Jackson, ESP etc.)
Just go to your local guitar shop and try out a load of different guitars
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sorry for asking here but im in the same problem

i dont have and i dont want to spend money for an epiphone standart but i was looking for
the epiphone LP 100

anyone knows about that model?
I'd stay away from Epi if I were you (I own an Epi SG [see sig]) if you are looking to move up in quality. save up for a better guitar like a Fender or a Gibson.
schecter r a good bet too
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I'd stay away from Epi if I were you (I own an Epi SG [see sig]) if you are looking to move up in quality. save up for a better guitar like a Fender or a Gibson.

yeah but you got the special. if he gets a standard that would be different.
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I would save up some more money and go for a more versatile guitar. Something like a Mexico Fender would fit right in.
my first was a yamaha pacifca 122, i tried epis which are quite decent at the moment, compared to the ****e gibson export here (mite be better in the states but **** here), and then i tried a prs se custom and it blew me away, spend an extra 70 quid and have one of them, great for classic rock (i gigged it and it sounds even better).
^I'm drooling over the PRS SE custom as second guitar after my Pacifica, too. I think they are much higher quality than the Epiphone LPs I've tried.

TS, have you considered upgrading your pickups instead of replacing your whole guitar? I'm waffling on the guitar upgrade (new pickups, nut, maybe whammy bar) vs. purchasing a new guitar. I'm just trying to decide which guitar should be the cleans/blues/classic rock guitar, and which should be the old school metal/whammy bar guitar!

In addition to the PRS, I'm looking at the Ibanez S-series, because they have these cool "zero resistance" whammy bars that have ballberrings in them for smooth action, and have easily-adjustable springs for tuning. They have them in stoptail designs, too.

good luck in your search!
ok cheers for your help ill try out some epi's as well as some other things just wondering wats a PRS SE custom?
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ahh iv found it now a paul reed smith, yeah that guitar is sweet cept it costs a bit too much but i might be able squeeze it in
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are tremonti SE PRS any good? is the epi les paul custom in white and gold any better then a standard? soz about all the questions :P
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