Okay I'm looking for an Ibanez guitar with a NON-LOCKING tremelo for recording small fills. (I can't stand locking trems)

The GRG170DX uses a Fat10, which is floating, I don't know if its one way or not but I've heard its not very good, 24 frests thou.

I quite like the look of the SA120, newer models hav a pro bridge.

Don't wanna spend too much on it cos I won't b using it live.

Go for a S series
they're incredibly thin, and the floyd roses are incredible

although if you're really into shredding and stuff just make sure the Ibanez you get has a "Wizard II" neck
Why the hell do you want a non locking trem over a locking trem?
My GRX20's non locking is so crap, goes out of tune if you whammy a tone!

Anyway, my reccommendation is the GRX20, cheap and sounds pretty decent.
Should do if you're only gonna use it for a little bit.