So i just got Portal from my friend the other day but I've been having some trouble with it. First,when i went to launch the game(i use Steam), it told me my display driver was outdated(i had ATI xpress 200)so i upgraded to the ATI x300.I thought that would fix everything,but it didn't. When I launch the game it starts up, I see the Valve screen,and the copyright page, then it goes to the load screen. And thats as far as i get. The computer sits there for about 5 minutes,then the computer decides to reload. I don't know what to do.This really sucks. I've been wanting to play this forever so if anyone can help I'd really appreciate ti. Thanks in Advanced.
Xbox 360

*The orange box is on the Xbox 360, so if one were to just use that, they'd be fine.
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Xbox 360


Check the steam forums, they usually have specific help for these problems.
it would be a good idea to update general drivers (specifically the audio and video ones) that are offered for whatever computer you have.