Hello, I am wondering if there are any Metallica songs that aren't real hard? I'd like for them to have solo's, but not really hard/fast ones. Thanks in advance.
sanitarium maybe? fun to play, nice solos.
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for whom the bell tolls possibly?
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for whom the bell tolls, enter sandman, master of puppets minus the harder solo
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Sad But True- solo is simple enough as long as you take your time
Nothing Else Matters- i'd love to play it but cannot play arpeggios for the life of me, so you may have the same prob as me, but maybe not
Harvester Of Sorrow- pretty fun song to play.

There are others, but these are a few of my personal faves.
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For Whom the Bell Tolls is the easiest good Metallica song, in my opinion.
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The God That Failed is just about my favourite song to play. Some of the solo might be out of reach, but it's not that hard.
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