I've got an Oscar Schmitt oe30 and i want to upgrade. I've got my eye on an Ibanez RG350DX but i don't know how good it is. What would be the best value guitar i could get for around 400?
Your kind of in the same boat as myself mate, I have a £400 budget (asuming you're talking in pounds) and have been looking at several guitars. I been looking at the Ibanez S670FM and S470 mainly so maybe you'd wanna check them out. What amp do you have, also what style of music do you play?
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if i were you i would not buy that guitar. i bought that same ibanez at a guitarcenter and it caused me nothing but problems. First, the sustain is lacking. while some notes can really hold many die after but a few seconds. also, i found the hardware to be sub par. The entire trem was not made properly causing the metallic finish to come off entirely (while entirely cosmetic it really made the guitar look bad). also, after i opened up the back to check faulty wiring i noticed many screws were put in HORRIBLY and would soon all fall out or not go back in. I would suggest a Jackson Dinky as i have had better luck with them. Just go to the store and play every guitar you like in and around your price range (theyll always deal). Everyone has different preferences and its best to see what suits YOU best. Good luck and im sure you will find one you like.
If you can stretch and extra £80ish, go for a Jackson DKMG. If you can't stretch that far I'd suggest the DXMG or DK2
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You guys thought about getting a Epiphone G-400 SG?. its pretty nice and its around 300-400$
Great for AC/DC stuff