What are some of the best phones for taking pictures or video taping at concerts. I mean witht the lights and stuff. I was thinking the razr but i dont know.
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I have the LG that everyone has and it really sucks for concerts... if that helps you

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Don't go with the razr for recording concerts. It can only take 30 second clips.
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the only thing i love about my samsung blackjack is the camera. the camera/camcorder is so freaking good and it takes it in full screen view and shows it in full screen (which is obviously really big). its good for that
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Don't go with the razr for recording concerts. It can only take 30 second clips.

If you have a v3m and a memory card, it can record as long as you want. The quality is pretty bad, you have to listen to the video a couple of times before you actually realize what song it is.

The nokia N95 (like $800 and from Saudi Arabia [my friend has it]) is probably a phone that would be good for concerts...if you were really desperate
one with a high resolution camerca..
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I have a razr V3xx and its camera from concerts is dissapointing. The lights COMPLETELY blank out the stage. Almost all phones audio suffers from the volume at the concerts and you might have trouble, but every video setting could not fix the camera on my fone.