Is there any big diffrence between having just a Master Tone instead of an individual tone control for each pickup?

Is having both by far and away the best idea?

I'd imagine that its more of a better I dea when it involves volume, as I can see how having an individual volume control and a master would be good, but am I just wrong?

Also, how much use would a potentiometer switcher be, so that you could switch between no, 250k, 500k, and 1m pots on each pickup? not much diffrence? Would this be any more useful then a capacitor switcher for the size that the tone knob uses? would they be useful in conjunction?

Thank you, and sorry for all of the questions.
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personally, i dont think having two tone knobs is really necessary, but my SG has two. i use it sometimes when im playing clean stuff and trying to make is sound low. but i think one knob would get the job done. but most people i know dont even use the tone knob(s)
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I personally love having a volume and tone for each pickup and they are all set different. I feel I have way more control over the pickup and can get it in the "just right' setting. Plus I can have an all out distortion then at the flick of the toggle and a tap on my pedal I'd have great cleans. I somewhat dislike everything at 10 especially on a clean setting.
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