I'm thinking of getting this guitar. I've played it before, it feels very nice, nice thin neck, good balance. I like the distortion from the EMG 81/60 mix. I'm replacing the 60 with an 85 though probably.

Pretty light really, nice finish, nice design overall. Seems well crafted and worth the $600!

So what are others opinions?
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Quote by Colgate Total
I'd keep the 60.


For your other thread colgate, get a 60 up in that Agile V. you will not regret it

and also, is this the one with the Spalted Maple Top? if so, sweet it looks sick. get it. it is worth it
Spalted, yes...

8.7 is damn good enough for me.

I mean keep the 60, since I already have a 85/81 set.
Words to live by: Haters gonna' hate.