I have posted alot of threads about amps to see if they are good for metal but i still got questions about some so please listen.I just found the fender metalhead amp and i want to know if it is any good.I'm still trying to go for the peavy 6505 but i want to know if this any good so maybe i will save a large chunk of money.So please help me.Again.
ive heard nothing but bad things about it, so...yeah...

id look online for a used 5150. exact same amp as the 6505, they had to change the model name for copyright reasons. you can get them for like 700-800 on ebay. that would save you some money
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Yeah i have been thinking of getting a used 6505,or 5505 off ebay.I just think they would probaly messed up and i'm kind of sceptical about doing tha.Its still a idea that i have though.
the 5150 is amazing for metal. highly recommended.
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Ive tried out the metalhead, and it really isnt that good.
The peavey sounds alot better, and its tube, the fender is ss i think.

Yeah, if you have the money go the 5150
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bogner uberschall best amp you can get and mine has NEVER let me down town wise or when im giggin and practicing but i also picke dup one of the new 6505 combos those are pretty gnarly man same as the 5150 just newer
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