if for example i have 10-46's on my esp-ltd ec500s,. whats the chances something bad could happen if i went to drop C? im not really familiar with the max u can really venture away from standard before thicker gauge or neck adjustment is in order, i do realize there may be some buzz and a lil rubberband like strings goin on, lol...but any last damage possible?
i use extra light strings and tune in D standard, and i have no problems with my guitar.
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drop C with 10's?
bad idea. it'll sounds like ****, and you'll most likely break the strings because they're so loose.

if you want drop C, you'll need 12's or 13's for the best sounds.
i recommend DR Pure Blues 12's.
Everyone has their own guitar sound right? I would suggest some heavier strings but try it out on the ones you have now and see how it sounds for you. If it sucks (which it might haha) try some heavier strings.
If you like the feel of the 10's you use playing drop C try out the Zakk Wylde GHS boomers. For my Les Paul that I keep in drop C I use them. The strings go .10, .13, .17, .36, .52, .60. They're pretty top heavy for a good low end, but the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd strings are great for soloing.
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^ actually i used the 10-70's (tuned standard, but i've used it for drop C thru Drop A) and the super thick low E holds nice and tight, but thats just my preference.
I'm not sure if it would hurt it or not..... i use the zakk wylde series and they are a 11 guage in a drop B tuning for junk like slipknot. now just be aware if you have a tremolo system youll have to mess with it when you tune down or up.

I've always been told that the heavier the guage the better fo drop or down tuning, you can also get some really bad ass harmonics

Rock on dude not sure if that helps at all
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