HAHA, before you guys think im crazy, you'll be happy to know this project is COMPLETELY done. This is the project i did in highschool for a class project. They required us to pick something that we really liked and to do something with it. At the end of last year i though that building a bass, let alone a guitar, would be something impossible. This is the project that started my addiction to build these things.

I have MANY more pics, and if you need anything else described in detail of what i did or parts i used or finish i applied, ask me!

Im going to go through and explain what I did. First off here are the parts:

Carvin 24 fret 5 sting bass neck, neckthrough (yea i know, i didnt build it)
Ash back
Spalted sycamore top
EMG pickup (w/coil tap)
Schaller tuners
Carvin bridge
Schaller strap locks
Black knobs
I had to make it look like i couldnt spell guitar to show that i had LOTS of research done. So i looked around and decided that ash was a nice dense wood that would look good on the bottom with a clear finish. I used a design my dad found online, but i altered it a little to have sharper corners and that little separation on the bottom.

So, we got 2 pieces of ash glued together, and now we are ready for the top.

We came across damn near the best spalted wood i have ever seen in my life. I decided to use it right away. Heres what it looked like before i cut it out.

So, now its time to rout the cavities for the single pickup, the electronics and the neck. (Its going to be neck through remember?

I made that tear drop shape because i thought it matched the "fat" look of the bottom. I also wanted to used the EXACT pattern in the wood for the electronics plate. I routed out the shape i wanted for the teardrop from the TOP DOWN, leaving about 1/8" to cut out with a jewelers saw. You wont be able to see it, because im laminating the top. Make sense? Good, here are the pics.

The "oh so comfortable" cutaway

What it looks like from the top
lookin kickass!!!!
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You might be able to tell on that first pic that there is a ring on the electronics hole to keep the top from falling through.

This is the pic of how i glued in the neck.

The holes you see about where the bridge goes were for individual saddle pieces that turned out to be...you guessed it......a complete wreck. The drillpress that my gramps gave my dad and i was not perpendicular with the stage that the bass was on. So....i need a way to fill it. I used epoxy and saw dust. (We will get to this later, trust me)

The aluminum foil was a great idea i think, because it is easily cut and bent to the correct shape. I used the template as you see for the exact location of the neck in reference to the body. The tape is just there to reinforce it.

I've never ever liked bodies with lower horns that bend downwards...

But that's about the only negative thing that I have to say, really. I must comment on your cavity cover solution- that's fucking brilliant. I will steal that approach for whenever I get started on something...

A question: When you say "neckthrough", do you really mean "set neck"?
Its getting close. I think the pic of the EMG slot is there too. Oh, and the reason why there is a little channel routed in the neck is for later on, if I want to put in a neck pickup.

Yea, i do mean set neck. And the only reason i had that little horn pointing down is so that it will rest comfortably on your leg.

Here was my dads solution to the problem of the holes in the back of the neck. Pretty damn cool right? I thought it was a great alternative and i couldnt believe how easy it way. Its just a piece of brass he picked up locally and cut to shape. He photoshopped us in a pic with Jan 2007 in it and took it to a local shop to have it placed on. Its not etched, buts its like this black finish that sits on it.

I honestly didnt pose for that pic.....i have no idea where he got that.

We used a polyacrylic gloss finish that worked great. The reason why we used that is because it was the only finish that didnt turn the sycamore dark. The poly kept the woods the same color. I loved the way it turned out. We did NOT put it over the brass piece in the back. Long story of how badly it turned out when we did that. The short and long is that it turned green under the finish, and we had to drill it out and redo it.

Here is the pic of the plate glued in after the finish.

See how the electronics cavity cover matches the grain? It makes me all tingly inside......mmmm giggidy.
Carvin. Their standard 5 string ebony fretboard maple neck. I lived in Maryland at the time, so i had them ship me a neck. Now i live minutes away and have everything at my disposal.
I think its called a "hipshot bridge". You can move string spacing closer, farther apart, up and down. Its a great bridge.
Yeah, I know it. Hipshot calls it an "A-Style" but it's not on the Carvin site. The one they have in their catalogue is the Hipshot "B Style".

ABM makes a bridge that's the same (as far as I can tell) as the Hipshot A Style, but I don't really know what the difference is. ABM's comes in a version with piezo saddles, though. I've been thinking about swaping my Tokai bridge for one.
YES! thats the exact one, with the piezos. I just asked and he said he thought that he got it from Carvin. He could be mistaken, hes old ya know.
That tin foil trick was pretty neat. I'll have to remember that.
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Dude that is a sexy sexy bass, how much did it cost you all up? And how long did it take?

Well done man
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Thats a nice bass man, the only problem I had with it is the Pickup positioning, I'm guessing you wanted only a bridge pickup for tonal reasons, but I don't like the way it looks on the bass, that's just me though

how's it sound?
man, truly epic, great job
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looks really nice. I always love the look of spalted maple...
And that control cavity cover is pretty cool, too. Did you think of that yourself? I don't think I've seen that done before.
isnt a neck through meant to be a whole chunk of wood in the middle with 2 wings glued onto it? sooo urs is a set neck?

oh and its very very nice
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isnt a neck through meant to be a whole chunk of wood in the middle with 2 wings glued onto it? sooo urs is a set neck?

oh and its very very nice

Yes it is a set neck, my mistake. And thank you!
In total the whole thing cost me about $1300 to make. I love playing it and so does my dad. Thanks for the compliments, hope too build many more. Later!