Okay so today my math teacher had a mental breakdown and went into tears. He had decided that he is going to take a leap of absence for the rest of the year, and we will need a replacement teacher. While explaining why he chose to do this, he began talking about how his life was completely wasted because he spent 16 hard years working his ass off and it isn't paying off and teaching is his life and overall i guess he just feels that he hasn't accomplished what he had wanted in his life (wayyyy early mid-life crisis..?) and he just completely broke down and teared up in front of the whole class and his lip was throbbing and everything.. we all just stared at him and didn't know what to do at all.. until some slut asked him what the answer to some equation was... but anyways he is actually homosexual but he is still a kind guy and even if you were homophobic you would think he is pretty dam cool... but down to the point... any1 else see their teacher do something crazy?
My English teacher backhanded a kid across the face after the kid laughed at the teacher's joke.

. . .I swear the teacher's psychotic. He makes a joke, and you don't know whether to laugh or just sit there. Sometimes he'll get mad if you don't laugh, but every once in a while, he'll go off if you do.

And I mean GO off. For about half an hour. Of screaming on the top of his lungs. . .6th period has scarred me for life.
One of my teacher let us throw pieces of sodium into a bucket of water because he was bored. He also laughed at a girl who somehow spilled a metal corrosive element, I think bromine, on her cell phone.
My second grade teacher was horrible.

If you brought anything into school other than a bookbag and lunch, she would take it and you'd never see it again.

You'd lose recess (at the time, a horrible punishment ) for smiling in class.

Every day after school, when everyone left the room, she'd go around and look in each and every desk. If it was clean, she left it. If anything was out of place at all, she'd make note of it. Then the next morning, she'd walk really slowly in between each of the desks, and when she got to one of the "naughty" ones, she'd grab the front legs (the desk and chair weren't connected) and dump everything on the floor. She'd then throw the desk on you. Not on the floor, but a 30 pound desk thrown on a 6-7 year old. She'd then let everyone throw balls of paper and stuff at you while you apologized in front of the class and went back to clean it up. If you got hurt, you weren't allowed to go to the nurse, you had to sit it out.

You were only allowed four trips to the bathroom all year. This was second grade, so you were in the same class all day, so no stops from class to class.

She was horrible. She caused me to leave school from 2-8 grade...
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One of my teacher let us throw pieces of sodium into a bucket of water because he was bored. He also laughed at a girl who somehow spilled a metal corrosive element, I think bromine, on her cell phone.

lmao! He's the kind of mad scientist thats going to conduct crazy experiments on school children.

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haah that kind of crazy
My teacher flipped off my cousin, cussed her out, then put her in detention, causing her to lose all of her scholarships, all because she put her hand on her head.
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i had a teacher who once said that when the bird flu goes airborne we'll all probably die...about a second later she told us to not be "afraid"

no bull****...