I have a Yamaha bass amp I use for guitar and it has a 5 band EQ as well as the mid treble and bass knobs. The EQ is awesome and helped me make a good sound so I tried my luck with the Danelectro Fish n' chips. The dano just added noise and overall sounded pretty treble-y which I don't like so I took it back. Is it just the pedal or am I doing it wrong? What is another EQ pedal that's not too expensive?
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Hmm, might be the bass amp with a guitar EQ (I think it's mainly guitar anyway). Not sure tho. I haven't used the Fish 'n Chips myself, but I've heard some good things about it. I do, however, have a Behringer EQ700, and it doesn't add any noise. I like it. It's also very cheap, however people say a lot of bad things about Behringers (about their other stuff, tho).
You would be better off with a bass EQ. You need more control over lower frequencies than a guitar EQ handles. Boss makes one for about $70.