So I have an idea, how about everyone adds a tab or two creating a group collaborative thread filled with your favorite licks .....classic rock of course. Lets see if we can just get a ton of licks on here so we can just sit here all day learning new classic rock licks. Sounds like fun to me. I'll start it off.

From Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas
Not a big issue, but does the 3 stand for 3 tones? Because I don't know many guitarists who bend 3 tones.

I think it might be a single tone, but I don't know the song that well so I can't say.
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Uh yeah my bad. Just one tone definitely not three, don't know where that came from.
*bend*.... *bend*.... *bend*..... *SNAP!*

I'm glad I didn't try that.
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