Which song do you think is the easiest. Keep in mind I play classic gutar and I'm new.

Metallica - Nothing else matter
Doors - The end
Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven

I love all three so don't tell me to just play the one I like the best! Thanks guys!
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metallica ftw!
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mettallica but learn all three.
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stairway to heaven
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Learn the Metallica one first, but learn the others as well.
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play nothing else matters, its the best of the three. But stairway o heaven is also good to learn because everyone always wants to hear it and it makes you look like a pro.
sure thing i will learn all three, i just had to know wich one should i start first.
In order to succeed you have to be lucky - Ask any failure!
I dont know the doors song, but nothing else matters is easier than stairway to heaven.