Okay i want to pimp an ibanez s series 7 string with

Korg Kaaos Pad
Fernandez Sustainer
Piezo Pickup
additional volume control ala gibsons
Bareknucke Warpig (Ceramic) and ColdSweat

Is this all possible with the s series which has a thin body and has a front jack input. Also does the fernandez sustainer have a pickup? Finally could i put the killswitch in on its own and still have my normal 3 way toggle switch as well (so i can still use both pups together)
Most of that isn't an issue at all. The XY pad which controls the Kaoss Pad (which is external, not actually installed in the guitar) might be an issue. As you say, S series are very thin so that could pose a problem. The rest shouldn't be an issue...ah, asides from the Piezo. I'm not sure how you'd go about installing that on a FR fitted guitar.
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Piezo would not work on an Fr guitar afaik. Graphtech has one in the works, and Ibanez did do a Pieze equipped trem, but thats it. The sustainer is a pickup when it is not turned on. I also don't know if you have enough room, as the sustainer stuff itself takes up loads of room. I know my Saber wouldn't have room for any of that, as its electronics cavity is extremely small. Granted I have an original one, but still, the new ones aren't that much bigger.
arrgh..i could possibly do it all on my les paul if that would be better
All I can say to you is good luck.

You have to run the Kaoss pad midi, not alone setting it up wont be easy then you have to make another input for the midi input and then a massive routing job for the actual pad.