I have roughly $1700 to spend, I'm looking at the talyor 300 series, namely the 314 ce. I'm looking for alot of sustain and resonance, but also a light clear tone. I have heard that ppl have found better guitars for much less money, therefore i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for quality acoustic guitars similar to taylors, or if you believe the taylor 314ce is the way to go and I couldnt do any better. Thanks for the help
I must say I have a fond spot for a nice Taylor, i wish i had one. They sound great and play fantastically, but the models with laminate back and sides are a rip off
No ones a fan of Martin? I think a Martin would sound nice and I think you could find one that fits in your price range too.
I'm a Martin fan...have a D18 and would recommend...not sure how much they are in the States but they go for £1500 over the water
For that kind of money you should be able to find a nice guitar. Don't forget to look on line. Test drive one somewhere first and also check Guitar Center as they have used ones you can buy on line and can at least return it if their is a problem. You sound like you definitely like the spruce top instead of cedar. Spruce produces a clearer note but cedar is warmer. If your a treble freak then go with a mahogany back and sides as well. If you like a big bass sound go with rosewood. Take a look at Gibson as well. Look for used as the spruce takes a long time to break in and the older it is the better it's going to sound. Don't get hung up on a brand too much. If you went with a Blueridge guitar you can get the Martin sound for a lot less money. Your looking for sound anyway not the name. I personally prefer the Zager brand. Sound's top notch for not a lot of money. There are some low end martins that would be in your range. D-15, D-16, 000-16. Good luck with your search.

Another suggestion is to look at rainsong guitars. They are made of Carbon Fiber and sound great. They do not shrink or expand with temperature and humidity plus they do not ding easily at all. Great travel guitar. Stay in tune longer. Sound Great as well.
if you are looking for an acoustic-electric, i don't think you'll find a better guitar than a taylor in your price range.
Since you've mentioned the Taylor 314 CE, I have some sort of idea what you're looking for in tone, and am I correct in assuming that you want acoustic-electric? If that is correct, then here are a few thoughts:
1. One of the hallmarks of Taylor guitars, the 314 CE included, is a very even tonal responce up and down the guitar. I love Martins, but if you like what the 314CE does for you, then I'm not sure you're going to have the same reaction to any Martin...they are wonderfull guitars, but they have a very different response curve!

2. The Taylor expression system is an engineering marvel, getting the setting job done with only three controls...and it really works!

3. Taylor really has great customer relations, and satisfaction is very high with owners.

4. If you try the Martins, or any other guitar, and decide that you actually like that sound better, bear in mind that you can get a Fishman pickup installed in any non-electric acoustic guitar for $100 to $200 extra. Given the cost of the guitar, that is chump change, and the Fishmans are excellent.

5. When you are at a dealer, and trying out a guitar to buy, be sure to ask the clerk to play it for you, after you try it yourself. Why? Because you are not only interested in how it sounds to you while you are so close to it, but also how it sounds to others that are listening? This apporach may also reap benefits for you, should you want to do some recording with the instrument.

Good luck!
Those high-end Taylors are beautiful guitars.

I went guitar shopping with a musician friend in September, and he bought a 300-series Taylor with a spruce top, sapele sides and back, ebony fretboard, a cut-away, and a really neat pick-up system that has several pickups positioned at different points inside the guitar.

We played every other lower-end guitar in the shop searching for the best tone for the money. My buddy went with the Taylor. The soundboard vibrated more tonefully than the other guitars in the shop. It had a great set-up right out of the box, too. The tone was full and rich, despite the cut-away. I really like the way they designed the eq & volume pots to fit with the guitar, rather than making it look like some awful surgical hack-job, as is common on lower-end guitars. The case it came with was really well-made with high-quality hardware.

Anyway, I can't speak to every other guitar on the market, but I don't think you can go wrong with the 314ce!
You were all very helpful with your comments, I am still on my taylor high right now, and i would like just a bit more of advice if you dont mind. I have found a used, but mint condition, 2002 614ce at a local guitar center for $1,900, negotiated to 1750... would this in anyone's opinion be a better value than a $1,400 brand new taylor 314ce? Keep in mind the 2002 614 model has the old expression system in it. Thanks for any replies!
Sounds alright to me as long as your happy with the old expression system.
I reckon the 5series are fantastic so the 6series should be sweet as.
Also, Taylors tend to hold their value quite well, so that looks like your doing allright if its mint condition. If you dont like it you should be able to get your money back on it tho. Already secon hand, so none of that instant loss of value as soon as youve taken it home
wound up buying a new martin 000c-16rgte aura.... anyone have any comments about this guitar? i love the sound im getting from it, but the electronics dont work! fregin annoying, guitar center is finding me another... i really havent spent any time researching the different martin models, but after shopping exclusively for a taylor, i picked this one up, and was just blown away... strange...
yeah that tends to happen sometimes.
You completely dismiss something from what you want, and then end up playing it and thats the guitar you want.

But yeah thats not good having broken electronics. Not just the battery?
It happened in Guitar center, so we thought it was the battery... he changed it for me, and it worked for a little bit... i took it home, and it worked again for a little bit, but then just bummed out on me... it could have been worse though, the salesman was very accomodating... i'll have a new one in my hands by next week
Take a Serious look at Blueridge Guitars. I just bought the BR240 and it is well made and sounds great. A lot of Bang for the buck
Quote by Guitar Hack
Take a Serious look at Blueridge Guitars. I just bought the BR240 and it is well made and sounds great. A lot of Bang for the buck
How do you like it compared to the Zager?