Well as the title shows, im looking for a new acoustic. I want an acoustic electric tho. I havent played any shows yet...but im planning to cover jack johnson, matt pryor and stuff like that.

Ive came up iwht this http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ovation-GC057-Celebrity-Super-Shallow-Bowl-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-103574778-i1166381.gc

Any other suggestions in that price range?

Also this http://youtube.com/watch?v=07lTdXOmkI4 is matt pryor

thanks guys
I have an Ibanez AEG-10 --its a decent guitar, the pickups in it are really nice too---i'd recommend it if you plan on having it pluged in a ot.
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Well, for your price range, the best way to get decent tone, both plugged in and unplugged is to buy a guitar from the guitars under $300 thread thats sticked at the top of this forum and then add a pickup to it it. Pickups can cost from $30bucks upwards. There are a few different types of aftermarket pickups, soundhole ones which just sit in your soundhole and can be taken out and swapped between guitars.
Or you can get something like an undersaddle on which is attatched under the saddle of your guitar, in that case you would usually drill o get a tech to drill, a hole in the side of your guitar to fit the output jack

As for acoustic electrics in the lwoer price range from a manufacturer the Alvarez AD60SC is my favourite, but there is a takamine for a similar price, cant remember the model though that is good.

If Jimtaka is around he can tell you what it is.

Oh yeah, the ovation probably isnt worth it, doesnt even have a solid top. And I've yet to be convinced that Ibanez can make an acoustic that is good value for money, im not saying theyre bad as such, just that i think theyre is better for the same price.
I have not heard any good things about the celebrity series. mostly just bad things actually. Ovations are great, and the super shallow body is extremely comfortable.(I plan on buying one once I save up $1100 or so), but only American Ovations.

So... I dont really have any advice for you except that in the long run you might just regret getting an ovation celebrity. For that price range... if you dont wanna fork over 100 more and get a big baby or a breedlove, I would go Yamaha, and buy a pickup
Ummmm.... it will get you about as close as you can get for that price.
He uses Cole Clarks which are made in Australia and are quite hard to get over the in the states, theyre a new company and there is a lot of demand in australia, lots of shops dont have any stock of them. Depending on what woods are used on his Cole Clarks it could be difficult to get a similar tone from any other guitar. A lot of Cole Clarks use Bunya for the soundboard (native aussie timber) and i think theyre the only company who uses it.
Also the back and sides would either be Bunya, Blackwood or Queensland maple, the blackwood and queensland maple are also native to Australia.
Bunya sounds similar (but definitetly not the same) as Spruce
Queensland maple is similar to Mahogany
and im not sure about blackwood.
In the end, the only way to get his exact tone is to buy a CC i guess

Thats some cool info anyway (well it is to me because its all about Australian stuff, and i dont think we hear enough about Aussie gear) but basically if its a dreadnought and has a spruce top and preferably mahogany back and sides, that will get you as close as you can get (ideally all the woods would be solid as well, but in your price range, that aint gunna happen).

As for the amp, I have used a Marshall AS100D (it does have a younger brother that you could check out) but its probably a bit out of your price range, and it depends on what you classify as a large room. Any venues with large areas should have an in house PA system which you can plug your guitar straight into or mic you amp into.
I think (never tried one, but i mean, ibanez are known for making electric guitars, not acoustics, and not amps, Still i'm sure it works).

I think the Marshall AS50D could be better, but it is $150 more:

The marshall AS100D would be better still, but its expensive:

I like this Fishman, but its probably out of your budget as well:

Thats about all i can recommend, if you cant afford any of those, just go with the ibanez, i cant see anything better unless its more expensive.

Also, if you may the guitar and amp at the same time, you should be able to get a decent discount, and if you can find a place that is an acoustic guitar shop that would probably be even better.
Geez bro, thanks for all the info really apreciate it...i might wait a lil longer to save up for one of the better amps.